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Stepping Stone House - We Can HelpStepping Stone provides hope and structure to help you achieve a productive life in sobriety.  Our unique combination of individualized treatment, group activities and classes will help you build a strong foundation for your recovery.  Working, volunteering or going to school during your stay provides the opportunity to practice living in the world as a sober woman.

Individualized Treatment

Recovery is a life-long process, one in which addiction must be honestly addressed and relapse prevented consistently. Your recovery road will probably not be a smooth, straight shot. It will be bumpy — but it can progressively trend upward, provided you are willing to continue strengthening what you know about addiction and how you personally respond to addiction.

Personal Treatment Plan – Each woman works with professional staff to develop an individual treatment plan. Some elements of this plan are standard for all residents (such as regular attendance at AA meetings). Other elements of the treatment plan are tailored for the particular needs and goals of the individual (such as work- or education-related goals or family goals).

Private Counseling – A staff member meets with each woman regularly for individual counseling and review of treatment and exit plans. Completion of individual treatment goals is a criterion for advancement in the program as well as recommended prior to graduation. Counseling isn’t about learning what you’ve done that’s bad. We want to help you identify your strengths and abilities and to learn how to embrace your entire character — the good and the bad — so that you can have a more balanced perspective on who you are. Counselors are specially trained to help identify what might actually be driving the addiction. They also provide practical and personal tips to help you better understand your disease and to make significant changes to your life.

Group Activities

Because alcoholic women often suffer from isolation, group interaction and friendship are very important. Stepping Stone fosters an environment where you can learn to live successfully with others. A recent survey of former residents showed that nearly everyone listed the camaraderie with other residents as one of the things they liked best at Stepping Stone.

All residents participate in a range of group activities designed both to provide opportunities for healthy socialization and to address particular issues related to substance abuse and sober living.

Some group activities are intended to foster basic social and life skills.

All residents are required to attend regular AA meetings outside the house, to establish a relationship with an AA sponsor, and to work on the 12-step program of AA.

Groups and Support

New residents attend a weekly relapse prevention group. This behavioral self-control program teaches Stepping Stone residents how to anticipate and cope with the potential for relapse. Coping skills training is the cornerstone of relapse prevention.

After Relapse Prevention, residents attend groups with a focus on Sober Living Skills.  These groups offer the opportunity to practice skills needed to re-enter society as a sober woman. Topics addressed include Emotional Sobriety, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Employment, Financial Responsibility and Time Management.

All residents are expected to attend 12 step meetings and are encouraged to seek other forms of spiritual support.  Meditation classes, Cognitive Skills groups, Anger Management classes and Special Skills workshops are held periodically at the house.  An example of an outside support group is Refuge Recovery, which has been very helpful for some of the women.

All classes conducted at Stepping Stone are facilitated by certificated alcohol and drug counselors or licensed therapists.

After Care

If you’re like most residents at Stepping Stone, at some point you will think about what it will be like to return home—a different person. How will you fit into an old world that stayed the same while you were gone? How will you interact with loved ones, friends and family members? Will you need to switch from your early recovery job to a more challenging one? Will you be able to connect with a support group?

Your Exit Strategy – Before you are ready to complete your time at Stepping Stone, we will work with you to develop an exit strategy. You will be given an exit plan to fill out which goes into detail about what you will be doing once you leave Stepping Stone. The exit plan is a helpful tool for seeing what could be triggers for you and where you will be able to get ongoing support in your recovery. Staff will meet with you to go over your exit plan, making sure you are leaving with a solid exit strategy and have considered all aspects of your return to the community.

Alumni– After you leave Stepping Stone, we highly encourage you to stay involved with us. We are here to offer you continuing support with your recovery.

Our Alumni have volunteered at Stepping Stone and participate in our fundraising events throughout the year.