What to Expect

Women come to Stepping Stone through a variety of paths. Some are self-referred; others are referred by residential treatment facilities and therapists.

Requirements for admission are as follows:

  • Stepping Stone is open to any female age 18 or older who has admitted to having substance abuse and co-occurring disorders and wishes help.
  • Women applying for admission must have been free of alcohol and drug use for 72 hours prior to admission.
  • Residents are required to participate in regular AA meetings and to work with an AA/NA or 12 step program sponsor.
  • Residents must be willing to abide by the house rules and live successfully in a community with other women.

Admission is by interview only. All applicants must be alcohol and drug-free for at least 72 hours before their initial interview with the Executive Director. Women seeking admission will be required to submit an urinalysis and/or a breathalyzer test. Those who do not meet the entry requirements are referred to a detox center before being considered for admission. Any woman who drinks alcohol or uses drugs during her stay at Stepping Stone is immediately dismissed from the program. She may reapply once after 30 days.

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