We Can Help

If you are having trouble staying sober and are not ready to return to the pressures of home, your community or work, Stepping Stone can help you make this transition.

At Stepping Stone you will be safe, away from the stresses and triggers that make staying sober difficult. As a resident, you will receive treatment, individualized recovery plans and a chance to live with other women in early recovery from addiction who are also seeking lasting sobriety.

Specifically Designed for Working Women

Our philosophy is that treatment which focuses specifically on women’s issues is key to lasting recovery from alcohol. Issues such as trauma, eating disorders, self esteem and empowerment, communication skills, finances, family, employment, and responsibility for oneself are examined and explored while living at Stepping Stone. The residents who live at Stepping Stone learn how to be a part of a functioning home and community.

Our primary purpose is to assist and support residents as they move toward sobriety and productive living. During the 3-6 months of your stay, you will spend at least 32 hours per week working, volunteering or going to school.

A Structured Recovery Home

Stepping Stone provides a program of classes, meetings and professional counseling, fostering the close-knit community that is so important to early recovery. Residents participate in a range of programs, including both individual and group activities. Programs are held during the evening hours to accommodate daytime activity requirements.

Structured living means that there are rules that must be followed. There are curfews, 12-step meetings, daily chores, schedules and random drug testing with a policy of zero tolerance. We are not a locked facility, but you are required to keep staff informed of your whereabouts when off the premises. Stepping Stone provides full-time, 24 hour staffing and supervision.

Licensed and Certified by the State of California

Stepping Stone operates on a comprehensive social model is licensed by the State of California Department of Health Care Services, License # 380032AN.

Our program is based on the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.