Women and Recovery

Addiction is a family disease.

Stepping Stone has helped over a thousand mothers, wives and professionals regain their self-worth and rejoin their families and communities.

Alcoholism and drug addiction continue to increase in the general female population of the United States.

  • More women are drinking to deal with stress.
  • More young professional females are drinking after work.
  • Mothers with small children are drinking more frequently at home.

Women are twice as likely to die of this disease. However, research shows that treatment of addiction works. In particular, studies show that women benefit from gender-specific treatment which focuses on problems that are characteristic to women.

Since 1962, Stepping Stone has been the only all-female (non-religious) recovery residence for working women in the Bay Area.

Stepping Stone fosters an environment in which women learn to live successfully in community with others. Because alcoholic women often suffer from isolation, the importance of group support with its elements and friendship, is well understood by the staff.


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