A Message To Our Supporters

Dear Donors, Friends, Colleagues, and Alumni of Stepping Stone,

You recently received an enthusiastic letter from our new Executive Director. Despite a month on the job leveraging her skills and contacts, it became clear that we are at the end of the line. It is with a heavy heart and after an arduous decision-making process, Stepping Stone is closing it’s doors. We have struggled for many years to be financially sustainable, while honoring our mission to make services available at below-market cost to recovering women in need.

Due to changes in the industry, and managed care models being part of the norm, donations having declined steadily for the past five years, not being what they used to be, and a decline in census over the years, we realize that Stepping Stone is no longer sustainable.

Stepping Stone began in 1962 as a flagship member of the women’s recovery community. More than a thousand women have been served across Stepping Stone’s 56 years of fulfilling its mission. If there are women currently that need resources for a program like Stepping Stone, please call us for referrals in the community. After dissolution, Stepping Stone’s assets shall be donated to a 501(c)(3) entity working successfully to serve women in recovery.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to each of you who have supported Stepping Stone, served as volunteers, donors, are alumni or have known us and wished us well.

With respect and gratitude,

The Executive Director, and Board Members of Stepping Stone.

Lisa Molbert, Executive Director
Terry Hennessy, President
Cynthia Miller, PhD., Vice President
Jennifer Sousae, Secretary
Cynthia Palmer

Stepping Stone House
Welcome to Stepping Stone House.

Stepping Stone’s Mission is to continue treating, assisting and supporting working women in their early recovery from alcohol and drug addiction as we have for over 50 years.

Stepping Stone is a social model residential facility designed to help women in early recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders return to the workforce and develop a sense of purpose.

We integrate our 55 years of experience treating the unique needs of women with evidence-based practices and the principles of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our experience has taught us that women succumb to and suffer through addiction differently and recover differently than men. Our women-only program addresses some of the underlying issues that are unique to women such as trauma, shame and guilt, body image/self-acceptance, and hidden expectations.

The women who live at Stepping Stone not only develop sober support, but a sense of community. In our intimate setting of no more than 14 residents, we are able to focus on your recovery with an individualized treatment plans. Women with substance use disorders often suffer from isolation, and Stepping Stone fosters an environment in which women learn to live successfully in community with others.